Arts & Smarts Joy

Christmas has already begun at Patchwork! This past week (November 29-December 3) was one full of parties in the Arts & Smarts program.

Tuesday, November 30 was the Bi-Annual Profit Share Party for Art & Company. It was the day when the children who were part of the “company” this past semester received their share of the profit. The share that each earned was determined by his or her investment of time and effort throughout the fall as the children learned about running a business from volunteers from Old National Bank, learned how to make ceramic Nativity sets, and then sold them at Patchwork’s Holiday Sale. During the party, 18 children earned dividends and enjoyed a pizza party and a movie.

One touching moment came while Lisa was writing a dividend check for one particular boy. When she suggested that he might use the money to buy himself something nice for Christmas, he replied, “Miss Lisa, I saved my $7 from last year. I’m not spending this either. It’s going toward my college fund.”

Then on December 2 was the big Arts & Smarts Christmas Party. As you can see from the photo here, there was a wonderful crowd of children, volunteers, and families who attended. Children made cards, sang carols with volunteers from Aldersgate United Methodist Church, snacked on party food, and shopped in the Christmas Store. In the Christmas Store, the children’s attendance and good behavior earn them points to use to shop for gifts for their entire family. To make sure the store included the perfect gift for everyone, Patchwork’s Teen Volunteers and Paula Adams requested funding from Youth Resources to use for a fantastic shopping spree that stocked the Store. Thank you to everyone who helped!

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