Welcome into the Warmth

I hope you are all staying warm!

The children’s program has been on break since the Christmas Party on December 2 and while that means afternoons are quieter at Patchwork, there is still plenty going on in the building. The variety of activities is one of the things I love most about Patchwork:

  • The food pantry is open and busy.
  • Young adults in the Even Start Program at the new Culver Early Childhood Learning Center learned how to bake cookies at Patchwork last week. The building smelled so good!
  • Last week Martha stopped by to say hello and to get a food order from the food pantry. Her children attended the Arts & Smarts program 12 years ago when I was here as a Mennonite Voluntary Service worker. She updated Shawn and I about how her kids are doing now (including one who’s a semester away from an associate’s degree) and asked about the other Patchwork folks that she knows.
  • A group of musicians have been using Patchwork as a rehearsal space. There’s nothing livelier than flute, trombone, percussion, and dance!
  • The Patchwork Community held our usual worship service last Sunday evening despite the snow and cold. It was a blessing to be part of the warm circle of friends gathered together.
  • The Blackford’s Grove Neighborhood Association held a neighborhood party at Patchwork on Monday in place of their usual meeting. There was good food, music, and fellowship.
  • With all the very cold weather, we’ve had some familiar people stop by to get warmed up and to get a cup of coffee on their way to or from other shelter.

Patchwork’s offices will be closed from Christmas Eve until January 3. I hope all of you have a warm and happy Christmas and New Year’s with your favorite people!

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