Happy New Year!

We’ve quickly gotten back into the swing of things at Patchwork after a short break over the holidays. This week the food pantry has been open and a variety of people have been through the building in the mornings. Shawn shares this story from Tuesday:

A lady came in to the food pantry to get some bread this morning.  She stopped by the office and asked if I remembered her;  told her I recognized her face.  She said “ I just wanted to say Hi and let you know how much I appreciated all you all did for me.  I was in here last winter and I was really distraught and you opened the door for me that morning and let me come in to warm up and sit and rest on your couch.  I’m doing a lot better now, but I just wanted to say thank you.”

It’s nice to be thanked out of the blue

Meanwhile the children were back in the Arts & Smarts program starting on Monday. We’re still looking for tutors, so if you know anyone who would like to volunteer, please call the office. Yesterday, the kids painted a worm composting bin. Brandon will show them how to use it, but he said that he figured since this is Patchwork it should be “colorized” first. You can see the result at right.

With the new year, I’ve got some announcements:

  1. Patchwork updates are now available in blog form. You can find them at: https://patchworkcentral.wordpress.com/ . Feel free to share this blog with others who might be interested in what’s happening at Patchwork. You can also subscribe to updates through the blog.
  2. Patchwork is now enrolled in the Schnucks eScript Customer card program. If you get an eScript Customer Card from Schnucks, sign up online, then use the card when you shop at Schnucks, Patchwork will receive a contribution equal to up to 3% of your Schnucks purchases.
  3. Some dates for your calendar:
  • Soup, Salad, and Style is coming up on February 24, 2011
  • Patchwork’s Pancake Breakfast will be April 16, 2011
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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Zara Lawler says:

    Way to go setting up a blog! I’m subscribing right away.

    Miss you guys and hope you are all well.

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