Snow Day

It’s another snowy day in Evansville. Streets are slippery, many people aren’t venturing out, but our food pantry was open. That’s one of the advantages of several of us living close to Patchwork. This morning I was glad to be able to walk to work instead of driving in on the slick roads.

I was glad our food pantry was open. It wasn’t busy, but there were a couple people who came through for food orders and a couple who just picked up some bread.

The situation was similar during the snowfall last week. We were open and only a couple families came to get food, but for the ones who came we made a difference. Last Tuesday, we got a call from a case worker who was looking for a food pantry that was open despite the snow coming down. She said she was working with a family who, she could verify, had nothing in their refrigerator except a bottle of water. I was glad to tell her that she could bring the family to Patchwork to get some food. Hopefully the short-term help we were able to offer will help the family get to a better place.

In Arts & Smarts Children’s Program news, on Thursday, January 27 at 6:00 pm we’ll have a short dedication for our newest outdoor sculpture installations: the three outdoor trash receptacles fabricated last summer under the direction of artist Rob Milliard Mendez with the help of Patchwork students, volunteers and staff. The sculptures were embellished during the fall semester. They are functional art pieces created from found objects—trash receptacles embellished with trash! Anyone attending the dedication is welcome to stay for the weekly Patchwork Community potluck meal at 6:15.

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