Trash Receptacle Art Installations or…Cool Trash Cans

Last Thursday we had a wonderful celebration of trash cans. Yes trash cans—or to be more exact: our Trash Receptacle Art Installations.

We had 40-50 artists (of all ages), their families, and Patchwork Community members come for the trash can dedication—many more than expected! The group included adults and children who’d been part of the project both last summer and this school year. Jane Vickers made introductions and then everyone took a tour admiring the three receptacles, each positioned outside one of Patchwork’s doors.

Rob Millard Mendez was the lead artist on the project last summer when the receptacles were fabricated. You may remember seeing photos of Rob with our young welders last summer. Of particular note is the trash can engineered from scratch to accommodate the sloped pavement outside the north entrance. During the summer, participants also crushed aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles and started attaching them to the sides of the receptacles.

This fall, work on the cans continued with Arts & Smarts kids adding paintings, collages of glass fragments, and woven panels. Mike Koonce installed them, and now we have the most distinctive trash cans in town!

After the dedication, everyone was invited to join the Patchwork Community for our weekly Thursday night potluck, and most stayed. I thought it was a wonderful mix of people all sharing a meal together. We all crowded into the kitchen to make a huge circle, share our names, and say grace. Adults helped the extra children figure out the system of dishing up their supper around the kitchen table. We even had to put up an extra table to seat everyone.

The Patchwork Community graciously helped make sure the extra dishes and things got cleaned up afterward. Meanwhile, I was in the studio as part of an energetic team of Arts & Smarts kids, parents, volunteers, and staff who were glazing the art for Soup, Salad, and Style. It was a nice continuation of a sense of community as we all worked and talked together.

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