There are many signs of spring popping up at Patchwork.

There are spring blooms all around the building. The garden is cleaned, tilled, and the first round of seeds planted (thanks especially to Bill, Pat, and Mike and all their work last Saturday).

Yesterday we had a special Spring Break Spa Day for after school program participants and their families. There were facials, manicures, massages, soap making, and gift bags. The boys who came learned how to make a meal by cooking for the group. The kids also got lessons on good hygiene including hand washing. It was a fun way to talk about hygiene and a fun way to spend an afternoon during spring break. I enjoyed overhearing one girl remark, “I’ve never been to a spa before.” Now she’s been to Spa Patchwork!

Next week we go back to the regular after school programming. A few weeks ago, Dixie, our tutoring program coordinator, told me about some of the successes and struggles that this year has brought for the tutoring program. While we’ve had an unusually difficult time finding enough tutors, this has also illustrated the value of a good tutor.

Dixie has seen that the children who are most excited to come to tutoring are the ones who have the same tutor week after week. She spoke of one particular tutor who has been paired up with one boy for over a year. The boy often arrived without homework to work on, but the tutor saw this as an opportunity. He started to bring in books about science that he thought would interest the boy and the two would read the books and discuss them. It has become such an enriching experience that even though the boy will be too old for our tutoring program next year, his mother has asked Dixie if he can continue to attend.

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