Yesterday morning a group of us from Patchwork—Community members, board members, and myself—appeared before the Evansville Redevelopment Commission to request grant funding to help us restore Patchwork’s Tower. The meeting went well, we were awarded the grant, and between this grant and a bequest Patchwork received last fall, we have a healthy seed to grow into a fully funded Tower Restoration Project.

It is a reminder of the reality of working at a nonprofit organization. Sometimes I wish that simply doing good things would easily pay for itself with financial windfalls. Occasionally that happens. However, most of the time we have to work for the income we need to do the good things we want to do.

Soon we’ll be starting a new Spring Fundraising campaign, and now we’re looking for individuals who would like to join us in preserving the Tower.

It’s all a good opportunity to remind everyone of several new ways to give financially to Patchwork:

1.      Come to the Pancake Breakfast on April 16: Bring your family! Invite your friends! Invite your neighbors! Volunteer to help! It’s a fun event and a great opportunity to highlight everything that Patchwork is and does.

2.      Schnucks e-scrip card: Don’t forget about this easy way to support Patchwork. Pick up your card at the customer service desk and follow the instructions on the back.

3.      Give online: See the link on Patchwork’s website ( ). While you will be charged a small fee to donate this way, it is quick and easy and credit cards are accepted.

4.      Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH Payments): People can now sign up to have their donations withdrawn automatically and deposited in Patchwork’s account on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. A form to use to sign up for this service and more information about it are posted on our website ( ) or you can talk to John or me. It makes giving to Patchwork easy (you don’t have to try to remember to write a check) and helps Patchwork stabilize its budget through regular donations.

Of course, Patchwork couldn’t get by without other kinds of giving too: volunteer hours and in kind gifts in particular. Generosity in these areas is highly valued and much appreciated.

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