Art Garden Week One

Patchwork’s Summer Children’s Program got a wonderful kick-off this week with Art Garden I. While the weather was very hot, much was accomplished both indoors and outside in the garden as the mixture of children and adult volunteers came together to create a community of learning.

Three of the four days began with Susan Fowler, storyteller extraordinaire, leading the group in stories, songs, and the sharing of names. On the fourth day, Larry Kaplan presented his Environmental Magic Show that always gets tons of laughs from the kids.

Each day after this Circle Time, the group split up to rotate through four different activities. The kids participated in more storytelling with Susan where they became slugs and watermelons and tomatoes as they acted out the book Slugs in Love. They worked in the garden with Pat where they thinned the popcorn, beets, carrots, and onions, they harvested peas and lettuce, and they used our new composter. They prepared snack in the kitchen with Kristen where the onions and beet greens pulled while thinning the garden became part of salads and tostadas along with the lettuce and peas. They created art in the studio with Lisa by turning donated seashells and broken glass into seascapes populated by fantastic creatures.

Each day closed with circle time. As the children were dismissed on the last day, one parent told me how much fun her child had had at Patchwork. “I think he may have even ingested a couple bites of a vegetable while he was here!” she said.

Our summer children’s activities continue next week with Sculpture Week with Rob Millard Mendez. More details about our summer children’s schedule are posted on our website:

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