Forward to the Future!

Last week featured Forward to the Future: Life, Money, and Other “Stuff”. The week was designed for older children to challenge them to dream about their futures and to give them some financial know-how to help reach those goals. The kids put in plenty of hard work. They put thought into their goals. They used Patchwork’s time machine to help them think about what their futures might be like. They thought about what they would do with $35 (Put it in savings? Buy an item? Go to a movie?). They even participated in a “Reality Store” in which they chose a career, earned a salary, paid bills, chose among other optional expenses, and found out if their choices left them with extra money in the bank. We were especially blessed on the Reality Store day because we had a wonderful group of volunteers from the University of Evansville, so each youth had an adult to help him or her with all the choices that needed to be made. It was a good week.

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