The change in the weather this week has corresponded with a changing of seasons within Patchwork’s programming.

Our after school programming began September 6 with special leadership training activities for our teen volunteers. We’ve noticed that all of our programming goes more smoothly when we have a committed group of teens to help out, so the few leadership training weeks we’re doing now will pay off year round. One thing that’s special about the teens at Patchwork is that many of them attended our programming as younger children, so they have a good understanding of the children in our programs now. The teens in training now are a mix of youth in grades 6-8 who are just beginning to take on leadership roles within the Arts & Smarts Program and youth in grades 9-12 who take on much more active leadership roles. They all think they’re here to help us with the younger children, which is true, but we hope that while they’re here we can keep them involved and engaged in a community that will help them make healthy choices for their futures.

Our tutoring program will begin on September 19. Like last year, we need tutors! If you know someone who might like to help even one afternoon each week, please call Patchwork’s office and talk to Dixie, our Tutoring Coordinator. Tutoring sessions take place Monday-Thursday and begin as early as 2:45, but you can come later if that’s what works with your schedule. The job is especially rewarding if you are able to make a commitment to be there every week for the same child.

Then on September 22 we’ll have our annual Back to Patchwork Party to celebrate the start of all Patchwork’s after school activities for all children in grades 2 and up. We’ll have Tales & Scales here as special guests to help us celebrate.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing with improvements around the building. Joe Wells has been doing more painting, we’re slowly getting new carpet, the metal roof is freshly painted, and just today the city started to install new sidewalks on our side of the block.


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