A Thursday at Patchwork

There are no typical days at Patchwork, which is one thing I like about working here. When I arrive in the morning, I never know what will happen. That’s something unique about who we are and what we do. It’s part of our contribution to the neighborhood.

So, what happens in a day? Take yesterday for example:

  • The food pantry was open.
  • A man took a shower. He’s one of our regulars.
  • Some people didn’t get a full food order but instead picked out some bread and some of the fresh pears that we made available.
  • Gospel music quietly blessed the building as a man sang to himself as he looked through our free items to see if there was something he could use.
  • The Community Outreach Coordinator at Culver Early Childhood Center called. He was trying to help a woman and her children who had just moved from California. They have a place to live and nothing more. When is our food pantry open? Where are soup kitchens she might visit? Are there other resources he could suggest to her that we know about?
  • A man came to pick up his mother’s bike that Mike had been working on. Mike had decided it was beyond repair and fixed another one for her.
  • A woman who spoke little English came into the main office. Shawn called Cami who teaches Spanish classes here and also was the translator for the Bell Tower Clinic when it was operating at Patchwork. Cami knew the woman and was able to let Shawn know that the woman needed to get food from the food pantry.
  • A man did a variety of odd jobs around the building and joked with the office staff. His volunteer hours here allow him to remain in his Evansville Housing Authority apartment. He’s a unique individual and wasn’t willing to volunteer anywhere until Mike convinced him to come help out here.
  • In the afternoon, a group of volunteers from an art class at Ivy Tech helped prepare the main room for our annual Back to Patchwork Party while Kristen popped popcorn and Tales & Scales set up their equipment.
  • Kids began to arrive for tutoring and for the party. Tales & Scales’ music got louder and LOUDER! By snack time we had 50 kids and adults ready for popcorn and cherry juice. The group recited the Creed Official, a child said grace, someone was chosen to “Be Matt” and excuse tables to get their snacks. Afterward, Tales & Scales performed. When they asked, “Do you want to play some games with us?” The room erupted in a, “Yes!” Games ensued.
  • The building was briefly quiet. Then a group of Patchwork Worship Community Members assembled for the weekly Thursday Night meal together. Last night we were a small group but enjoyed good conversation.
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