Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been busy at Patchwork with more activity in and around the building than usual.

What’s been happening?

A couple weekends ago a group of Patchwork Community and River City Food Co-op members got together to turn several bushels of apples into apple butter. It’s the real deal, cooked in a big copper kettle over a fire in our garden. A group of volunteers from the University of Evansville made all the apple cooking go even better. The apple butter will be on sale this weekend at Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale.

The next weekend, Calvin and Nelia Kimbrough (two of Patchwork’s founders) came for a visit. The highlight was a Sunday evening worship full of old friends who’d returned for the night including Jesse Graber, Ruth Harder, and Deborah McBride. There was good music and news from Calvin and Nelia’s work at the Open Door Community in Atlanta.

We’ve also completed the re-carpeting of the Meetinghouse. Wow! The new look is great! Remember the holes worn through the carpet in the main office? Remember all the stains? Remember the edges that curled up underfoot? WELL! No more! We also took the opportunity to rearrange our office space and have received many compliments on the new look. It’s a great gift to offer the people we serve an attractive and welcoming space. Again, many thanks to the members of the Women’s Fund of Vanderburgh County for providing the funding that made it possible.

Meanwhile, the Arts & Smarts program has been hosting special weekend activities for the Teen Volunteers (grades 9-12) and Junior Helpers (grades 6-8). This year the program staff are working hard to develop these participants’ leadership skills and to present the participants with special opportunities to practice these skills. The teens are working on a video project, they’re planning and presenting substance abuse prevention lessons for the younger participants, they’re getting some advanced time to work in the ceramics studio, and they’re building group cohesion through fun activities together.

We’re also gearing up for the Holiday Art Sale this weekend. Don’t forget the Preview Party is this Friday, November 11 from 5 pm-7pm and the regular Sale continues on Saturday, November 12 from 9 am–2 pm. The kids in Art & Company have been meeting with Scott Adams from Old National Bank to understand more about marketing and how income and expenses come together to make a profit (or not!). They’re also working to create unique nativity sets to sell. It will be a great event with lots of wonderful handmade art for you to give to friends and family this Christmas.

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