A Parade!

What excitement!

On Wednesday, November 16 we had the honor of having Evansville’s Mayor Weinzapfel join us for our annual Dia de los Muertos parade. The kids were all so incredibly excited that someone important wanted to visit them here at Patchwork. One girl said, “I’m so excited to meet the mayor. I’m going to brag about it tomorrow at school!” They were really interested to know what it is like to be someone so important, and Mayor Weinzapfel was kind enough to answer some of their questions like: “Do you live in a mansion?” and “What kind of car do you drive?”. He told them about his own children and where they go to school, and he had a long conversation with a group of boys as he marched around the block with them during the parade. And to think that only Monday the kids were saying, “I didn’t even know that Evansville had a mayor.” It was a great civics lesson.

The parade is the culmination of our annual study of Mexican culture. Dia de los Muertos is a celebration that takes place on November 2, All Souls Day, and celebrates the memory of those who have died. Our celebration is usually later in the month, due to busy schedules and the Holiday Sale. In preparation for the event, the kids have been making skeletons (a common Dia de los Muertos motif), learning about Mexican culture and food from special guests, and creating small memory shrines to commemorate those whom they love.

Tom Loesch and the Blackford’s Grove Neighborhood Association had invited the mayor to the parade to have him participate in a ribbon cutting to celebrate the new, smooth, weed-free sidewalks that the city has installed on our block. With a ribbon cutting to start it, giant skeletons in shopping carts, individual skeleton puppets made from Bridge Club playing cards, noisemakers, streamers, and the Mayor, it was our best Dia de low Muertos parade ever!

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