2012 Begins

Around Patchwork we’re getting back into our routines after the holidays. The children have been back in the Arts & Smarts program since January 2 and a steady stream of people has experienced our neighborhood hospitality in the mornings.

There are many other projects to work on around Patchwork, not the least of which is the planning for our Soup, Salad, and Style fund raising luncheon on February 23 and our Pancake Extravaganza on April 21.

A couple highlights from the last few weeks:

It’s nice to get Christmas cards from friends. Patchwork receives many. This year one was from a food pantry recipient who thanked us “from the bottom of my heart and my hungry stomach” and offered blessings for all we do.

Also, Bill Hemminger came this week to plant bulbs with the children in the after school program. The pots are full of bulbs tucked warm and safe into the earth and will hopefully provide us with some color when we need it most this winter. The kids had mixed opinions about how much fun it was to work with big handfuls of dirt!

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