Spring is blooming all around us. This year I was reminded of how many flowering trees there are at Patchwork. First there were the flowering quinces, the forsythia, the redbuds, and the new little crabapple, then there were the brilliantly pink ornamental peach and the hawthorns, and now it’s the dogwoods and azalea adding to the show.

The first round of planting in our garden has been completed. Last weekend Bill headed up a group of volunteers to plant things like potatoes, lettuces, and carrots. He reported that, as usual, many hands make the work go quickly and the planting was done in short order. Meanwhile, Kristen is starting the next round of plants in a nearby greenhouse.

Our Blackford Forest, a small green space across 6th Street from Patchwork, has been getting some TLC from some of our neighbors who are part of the Blackford’s Grove Neighborhood Association. A couple weeks ago they even added some nice plants for us! It’s wonderful to have their help and nice that our gardens have become a place where neighbors can come together.

Meanwhile, work on the Tower is nearly finished. Last week, I did a double take when I drove by and realized that there were actual windows installed. The new plexiglass is so clear! And with the upper stories enclosed again, the pigeons will have to find a new place to roost–all the better for us.

I had not anticipated how many people I’d meet all across town who would comment, “I am so glad to see that Patchwork is fixing up that Tower. I was worried about what was going to happen to it.” People living in this neighborhood, people passing through, people with considerable resources, people with very little, people with strong connections to Patchwork, and people without strong connections to us, all saying the same thing. It is nice affirmation that people do indeed notice what’s happening on our corner and they value the Tower’s place in our neighborhood.

We’re just about at the point in the project when we can start planning a celebration.

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2 Responses to Planting

  1. Brilliant photos thank you for sharing.

  2. thank you for capturing the beauty around patchwork.

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