Next Up: Summer!

The past couple weeks have been busy around Patchwork.

First there was our fabulous Pancake Extravaganza on April 21. As always, it was a time for neighbors to come together and visit over blueberry pancakes, to buy art from the kids in Art & Company and other local artists, and to bid on the bikes in our auction.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day happen, whether they helped cook apples, flip pancakes, sell tickets, clean up, or any number of other tasks. Special thanks go to event organizers and coordinators: Jane Johansen, Jane Staton, Jill Hemminger, and Darlene Blagg!

The following week, the children’s program celebrated everything that was accomplished during the past school year. There were awards for the children, recognition of our volunteers, and a meal together.

In keeping with the longstanding tradition, I also put together a slideshow of my photos from the year’s programming. It’s a good way to remember everything that we did over the school year and all the children who were part of our programming.

I’d also printed a few of the better photos of each of our regular attenders and set them out on a table for the children and their families to take home. This year as I printed the photos, I realized that I had several nice ones of one girl who is, frankly, not terribly photogenic. Throughout the year, when she caught me taking her photo she would look self conscious and tell me not to take her picture.

As I saw that I had several photos in which she looked happy, relaxed, and confident, I celebrated to myself and laid them next to the other children’s photos. I thought that perhaps I would be the only one who noticed, but I was wrong. After the evening’s activities were over, the girl in the photos shared her excitement with me.

“I’ve got five good pictures! I’m taking them home and putting them in my photo album!” she said.

I’m glad to know that her photo album includes some nice new additions that she can look at and feel good about. I hope that the photos are just another way for her to feel affirmed by her time at Patchwork.

Our children’s programming will be on break for the month of May, but then our summer activities will begin on June 4. You can find the schedule on our summer registration form, which is posted here on our website. Space is limited, so register your children today!

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