Smarter and Artier in the Fall

We’re well into our Fall semester of the Arts & Smarts program.

On our busiest day, we have seven pairs of children and adults working all at once to complete homework and to build academic skills. In addition to helping with class work, the tutors provide the children with more adults in their lives who the children know care about them and care about how they’re doing in school.

Meanwhile, the children in Art & Company are out in the studio learning how to make ceramic figures that they will sell beside the work of professional adult artists at Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale on November 10. Soon they’ll also receive some business lessons from Scott Adams, an employee of Old National Bank to help prepare them for the Sale.

Kids are also creating life-sized fabric “people” sculptures that began with the kids tracing around each other on giant pieces of fabric. The fabric is being sewn together with much help from Helen Fisher, who’s been brave enough to even let some of the children do a little of the sewing on the sewing machine.

A couple weeks ago, Cookie Smith took a group of kids on a Walk n’ Talk tour of our neighborhood. One interesting new feature are all the houses that are under construction as part of the Homes of Evansville project. The neighborhood isn’t looking so empty any more. Some of the kids on the tour don’t live nearby. “What do you think of our neighborhood?” Jane asked them when they got back.

The kids have also started working on a stop-motion video project that will tell a story about the impact of substance abuse on someone’s life. The older kids are working with Paula Petersen to write the script and the younger ones are helping to create the illustrations for the characters, the props, and the backgrounds.

Every afternoon is bustling in Patchwork’s Arts & Smarts program!

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