Patchwork’s Food Pantry

Patchwork’s Food Pantry was highlighted in our most recent Stitches newsletter. If you didn’t get a copy in your mailbox, you can read a copy online by visiting Patchwork’s website:

Thank you to everyone, volunteers and staff, who puts in so much work to make our food pantry run! Last week was a particularly busy week with lots of work to be done. A special thank you goes to Peter Wiggin, who is mentioned in the newsletter as our regular Monday food delivery driver. Pete passed away on January 16.

Each week in the food pantry, there is the daily greeting of people, checking food preferences, bagging up food, and sending food recipients on their way–hopefully feeling better than when they arrived. Then there are the special cases: special dietary needs, very large families, families with babies in diapers, people on foot and carrying their groceries home.

cans in the pantry

Hardin, one of our Tuesday volunteers, tells one story: One morning, an older woman came to get some food. She had never used a food pantry before, so our food pantry volunteers helped her through the process. She said that she and her husband were living in a motel and had not been staying in Evansville long. It was a dreary, rainy day, and when she asked for directions back to the motel, the volunteers realized that she had a long walk home. They collected a few dollars so she could catch the bus and Kenny, Patchwork’s custodian, walked her to the bus stop, helping her carry the groceries and explaining how and when to transfer buses.

Recently we’ve had a new addition to our food pantry: pet food for pets in need, which is being provided through a fund established by the Blackford’s Grove Neighborhood Association in memory of Tuly, Tom and Billy’s dog.

food 15

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