Everyday Blessings


A full range of activities happen every week at Patchwork. Some examples:

Hospitality–Yesterday we had a visit from a man we hadn’t seen for a while. He took a shower, used the phone to reschedule important doctor’s appointments, drank some coffee, and chatted with Shawn and me for a little. He said he’d been here and there since we saw him last. On his way out the door at the end of the morning, he stuck his head in the office and told Shawn and I, “God bless Patchwork,” with a voice full of gratitude.

Food Pantry–The next day, a man walked in the front doors using a walker. He said he wasn’t sure where he needed to be, but he had a food referral and he was looking for a place called Patchwork. Darlene greeted him and let him know he was in the right place and talking to the right person. She and the other food pantry volunteers filled his food order. He’d arrived by bus and was cold, so he rested for a bit and warmed up, chatting with Alan and Tank and drinking some coffee. Then he loaded his walker with his bags of food and headed out to meet the next bus home.Painting

Garden–In the green space across the street, daffodils are blooming beneath the driftwood orb that the children made last summer during Sculpture Weeks. Soon we’ll be tilling and planting.

Arts & Smarts–Our tutoring program is going strong with 65 tutoring sessions scheduled each week, involving 40 children and 38 volunteer tutors. In art, the children have been doing a lot of painting with both watercolors and temperas. Below you will find a gallery of their work. Some of their original paintings will be for sale at the Art & Company table at Patchwork’s Pancake Extravaganza on April 13.

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2 Responses to Everyday Blessings

  1. Thanks Patchwork, the pictures turned out wonderful!

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