The End of the Year Arrives Again

Coil potPatchwork’s Arts & Smarts children’s program is a flurry of activity as we work to finish all our projects before our programming ends for the school year. Some children are working with Paula to finish sewing their “love monsters”, stuffed creatures meant to be given away to someone special to you. Some are working on chalk pastel drawings with Laura. Others are in the studio with Erin to finish coil pots they’ve made out of clay. Some are spinning the wheel on the printing press while Kaitlyn feeds in their printing plates made from found objects. Some are being videotaped by Mandy as they relay a Drawing by Harleyshort biography to go with the body puppets they made in the fall. One by one, Jane is helping children calculate the Art & Company “dividend” they have earned through their participation in the spring art making and sale. Meanwhile, others are in tutoring going over some final homework or multiplication tables with their tutors.

Our annual End of the Year Celebration will be this Thursday, April 25 at 5:00 pm. Everyone’s invited to join us to cheer the past year! We’ll have a program that celebrates the children’s academic achievements, a slide show reviewing the year, and walls full of the children’s artwork.

On a related note, thank you to everyone who attended our recent Pancake Breakfast. The event raised money for Patchwork so that we can offer activities like the ones above to every child at no cost. Thank you to everyone whoP1190814 helped organize the event including Jane Johansen, Jill Hemminger, Darlene Blagg, and Jane Staton. Thank you also to the Evansville Rotaract members who came to volunteer. Additional thanks to event underwriters:

  • Craddock Finishing
  • Evansville Commerce Bank
  • Old National Bank
  • Phil Lieberman & Mary MacGregor
  • Pro-Tex-All
  • Torian, Hoffman, Dillow, & Flittner Insurance
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