Springing Into Summer

planting by the towerI’ve always thought that if you distilled the entire Arts & Smarts program down into a single week, that week would look a whole lot like an Art Garden Week: a big group of children, teens, and adults learning, creating, growing, and having fun together; everyone feeling welcome; everyone becoming not just friends but feeling like a giant family.

Our summer children’s activities began last week with Art Garden I. It was well attended with about 30 children each day and 20 teens and adults. Each morning started with songs with Dixie (she even wrote a special Patchwork camp song to the tune of Boom-De-Yada) followed by Susan Fowler and her extremely animated brand of storytelling that keeps everyone engaged.

Then we broke into groups to create with clay, to make snack, and to garden. Highlights from the week included planting bushes by the Tower and a multicolored salad that included edible flowers. Then there were our special guests: Wendy from Vegetable Land who brought vegetable plants for everyone to take home and Patricia from the Posey County Solid Waste District who helped us make art from mounds of recycled toys.

beautiful saladDuring the week, Jane Vickers was talking to one grandmother who had brought her granddaughter to participate. The grandmother had volunteered at Patchwork many years ago and told Jane, “This is still a wonderful place. I thought it was time for my granddaughter to experience it.”

This week our Arts & Smarts activities continue with Sculpture Week I. Who knows what kind of sculpture this year’s participants will add to Patchwork’s art collection, but it should be exciting, whatever it is. If you remember, last year the group created a coil potDriftwood Orb for our Blackford Forest. Check our Art at Patchwork website to see photos of the orb changing from month to month in the weather.

And speaking of sculpture: We’re excited that our corner of the city will be hosting Sculpt EVV this weekend. On June 15 you can visit the newest public sculptures in Haynie’s Corner. You can also stop by Patchwork from 1:00-3:00 to say hello and get a tour of our art collection!


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  1. we do have a wonderful time of reuniting with old friends and making new ones during garden weeks.

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