Summer Smarts Continues

PurpleWe’re having a busy week in our summer Arts & Smarts program. In the mornings we’re leading two classes, Sculpture II and Drive of Your Life Skills, and in the afternoons we’re doing a couple art classes for participants in the YMCA’s summer activities at Glenwood Leadership Academy.

Participants in Sculpture II are working with visiting artist Rob Mendez to build a new public sculpture to go outside of Patchwork’s building. A couple weeks ago during Sculpture I, these participants worked with Rob to create masks using plaster cast material, wood, paint, and other interesting materials. The results were pretty incredible.

Meanwhile, Drive of Your Life Aztec inspiredSkills participants will be looking into their futures, dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up, and charting the steps they need to take to get there.

In other Patchwork news, we were blessed to have a volunteer work crew from Williamsport, Pennsylvania in our building last week to help with several projects that were in need of doing. Now our big room has a fresh coat of paint and some new fluorescent light fixtures have been hung.  We are grateful for their help. They were very impressed with Patchwork and what we do here, and that encouragement is so helpful.

John has been preaching at a few churches this find the gold phonesummer. If he hasn’t been to your church, you can listen online to one of his sermons about Patchwork. Simply follow this link to Aldersgate UMC’s website and select the Sunday, May 26 sermon.

And finally, Patchwork’s most recent newsletter is now available online. You will find it on our website:

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2 Responses to Summer Smarts Continues

  1. man! I just listen to the link.
    john is such a good communicator!!

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