365 Days

Every business has its own calendar and its own fiscal year. Many follow the calendar year. At Patchwork, our year officially begins on October 1 and continues through September 30.

Having just finished an official Patchwork year, it’s a good time to look back at some of what we’ve accomplished.

Food Pantry: From October 2012 through September 2013, our food pantry served 1820 individuals from 863 households by distributing almost 17 tons of food. The Pantry is open Monday-Thursday mornings and is one of six that make up Evansville’s Emergency Food Pantry Consortium. Individuals are eligible for a food order every 30 days.

Neighborhood Hospitality: We work to be a positive presence in our neighborhood. This includes many small services that we offer our neighbors: cups of coffee, phone use, visits to our small “clothing bank,” packs of diapers, referrals to other local agencies better equipped to assist the individual with his or her needs, and sometimes just listening to someone’s frustrations, anger, or celebrations.

From October 2012 through September 2013, we logged approximately 5539 instances of this hospitality. This included 592 showers for individuals who, for various reasons, had no other access to shower facilities. This is up dramatically from the previous year when we logged approximately 3400 instances of hospitality including 400 showers.

Arts & Smarts Children’s Program: From Fall 2012 through the end of Summer 2013, 131 children and youth in grades 1-8 attended at least one day of children’s programming. A total of 141 days of activities were offered in that time, resulting in 2186 individual afternoons of creativity, learning, and growth. During the school year, average daily attendance was 16 children. Additional teen volunteers received leadership training as they volunteered in the Arts & Smarts program.

On a related note, this fall things have been going well in in the Arts & Smarts program. Many tutoring slots are filled and we could use a few more tutors. Time slots we’re looking to fill are: Mon., Tues., and Wed from 3:15-4:00 and Wed from 4:00-4:45. Volunteer once a week or more. Call Dixie (424-2735) if you’re interested.

Meanwhile the children participating in arts activities have been making watercolor paintings of the autumn leaves. Above is a slide show of their work.

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