Holiday Hospitality

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our days continue to be busy here at Patchwork. Quiet afternoons without the children in the building are made up for with particularly busy mornings spent providing Welcome Matt Welcomes the Snowneighborhood hospitality and food from our food pantry.

Just last week, we noticed an increase in the people showering at Patchwork and several new faces among the people taking showers. We asked about it and found out that some shower facilities at one of the homeless shelters were out of order, so people turned to us as an alternative.

Most mornings you will find someone sitting in our kitchen enjoying some pastries and coffee while they charge up their cell phones and visit. After Thanksgiving, Darlene brought in a smoked turkey that was donated by a friend, and she decided to make turkey sandwiches for our guests. Meditation SpaceEveryone appreciated receiving something more filling than the usual pastries, and several commented that it was the only Thanksgiving turkey they’d eaten over the holiday.

Another good story comes from Shawn. One morning a homeless couple came into the main office looking for a dentist who could help them. The man had an extremely painful tooth that needed to be extracted. Despite Shawn’s help and many phone calls, they weren’t able to find help, but the man was still appreciative.

At the end of the morning, he came into the office and told Shawn, “You are so helpful, I really appreciate all you’re doing to try to help me and my girlfriend. I’d have to say you’re excellent at your job. Thank you so much!”

It just so happened that Shawn had a dentist appointment herself that day, and while there she mentioned the man. Shawn’s dentist offered to see the man and extract the tooth at no cost.

A few weeks later, the couple was back and the man was no longer in pain. They brought two bags of coffee for Patchwork to thank us.

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