Arts & Smarts: Learning How to Use the Force

The children in the Arts & Smarts program have been busy with new projects in the new semester.

The biggest new project is a stop motion video that they’re filming with the help of Elisa, Arts & Smarts Program Assistant. DirectingThe final video will consist of a series of scenes depicting the children’s interests ranging from playing soccer, using The Force (as in: Star Wars), cooking, ceramics, and painting. The children are the actors in their own scenes. Stop motion means that there are fewer frames per second of video, allowing for an interesting look and cheap special effects (such as objects and people appearing out of nowhere and people moving without moving their feet). Everyone’s been having a great time with it.

One boy is creating his own stop motion video by using Legos to animate a scene. He eagerly described the storyline to me: “A Lego high chair for a king gets built, and then little people try to knock down the wall–or at least try to.”heart mosaic

Other projects the kids have been working on include paper collage valentine cards to sell at the River City Food Co-op and paper mosaic hearts.

The tutoring room remains busy. Dixie is looking forward to the week when we’ll start to have a new group of education students from USI tutoring as part of their field experience.

Our semester is off to a great start!

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