Wrapping Up the Year

2014 is almost over and we’ve accomplished a lot!

food!In the last year, Patchwork’s food pantry has given out almost 19.5 tons of food, providing food to 1885 individuals from 904 households. Each food order is meant to feed a household for 3-4 days, meaning that our pantry distributed approximately 20,000 individual meals. Our food pantry also distributed hundreds of pounds of pet food thanks to the Tuly Fund.

A total of 103 children and youth in grades 1-8 attended Arts & Smarts activities. A total of 131 days of activities were offered, resulting in 2154 individual afternoons of creativity, learning, and growth. During the after school portion of the year, average daily attendance was 17 children. Additional high schoolers received leadership training as they volunteered in P1120931the Arts & Smarts program. As a result of this programming, participants gained important skills for life and developed important relationships with supportive and caring adults.

We logged approximately 8300 instances of what we call “Neighborhood Hospitality”. This included cups of coffee, phone use, packs of diapers, visits to our small clothing bank, and referrals to other local agencies. It also included 1059 showers for individuals who, for various reasons, had no other access to shower facilities. This is about double the showers taken at Patchwork during the previous year. Sometimes, our hospitality is simply having a staff member able toP1120563 lend a respectful listening ear to hear our neighbors’ frustrations, anger, or celebrations.

We also provided meeting space for other organizations who, like us, are working to make a stronger, healthier, and more peaceful community. Our urban garden spaces provided pleasant and meditative green spaces for our neighborhood, a unique educational opportunity for children in our Arts & Smarts program, and fresh vegetables for any of our neighbors who cared to harvest them. Our Back to School Sale prepared nearly 200 children for a new year of school.

How are we able to do all this? Only through generous gifts from people like you. The largest portion of our funding every year comes from individuals like yourselves. Additional support comes from local congregations, local businesses and organizations, and local foundations.

This is a wonderful time of year during which so many people give so that others can have the food, shelter, love, care, P1110299respect, and opportunities that we all need and want. It’s easy to add Patchwork to your list of charitable giving. You can do so by:

  • dropping by and visiting with us in person (check ahead to make sure we’re open; we’re on reduced holiday hours),
  • sending a check in the mail (to: Patchwork Central, 100 Washington Ave., Evansville, IN 47713), or
  • giving online using the link on our website (www.patchwork.org).

Help us accomplish even more in 2015!

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