Sozo Health Ministry: Yes, We’ll Take a Look at That

The new Sozo* Health Ministry launched January 5 at Patchwork Central (*Sozo is a New Testament Greek word meaning both “to heal” and “to save”). In just two short weeks, it has already made a difference and met needs. Nurse John is in residence every Monday morning and at other times by appointment.

Health Minister JohnThe ministry’s motto is, “Yes, we’ll take a look at that.” On January 5th when people heard that there was a nurse providing health outreach at Patchwork, several of them did, in fact, ask Nurse John, “Would you take a look at this?” John proudly answered with our motto.

Already, the Health Ministry has seen several clients, educated people about their conditions and medications, provided first aid and nursing care, advocated for clients to get the resources they need for their health (including referrals for shelter, transportation, and prescription medication assistance), and provided pastoral care for spiritual health.

In Sozo’s first few hours of operation, one of our regular guests rode up on his bike and asked to speak to John. The man stops by Patchwork sporadically to say hello, and it had been a while since we’d last seen him. John had mentioned the new Health Ministry to the man back in November, and unbeknownst to us, the man had made it a point to be among Nurse John’s first clients. He valued the opportunity to share his health concerns with John, and he arranged for John to accompany him to his next doctor’s appointment.

Sozo Health Ministry is not a clinic and will not be diagnosing ailments or prescribing or dispensing medication. It will provide advocacy, education, screenings, and pastoral care for those it serves. Its services will adapt to the needs that Nurse John encounters as he meets with his clients.

We hope that as the Sozo Health Ministry continues, it will promote health and healing in Patchwork’s neighborhood and beyond. And if you want someone to “take a look at that,” just come to Patchwork on a Monday morning.

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