Celebrating Victories Regardless of their Size

P1220831At Patchwork, it’s as much about the small victories as the larger ones. Take yesterday morning, for example. It was full of important, yet small victories.

A man in his 40’s sat at a table with his laptop. He took a shower earlier and then used our WiFi to complete his online coursework. He’s working toward a college degree and told Shawn he’s glad he can get internet access at Patchwork.

An intern hung a men’s clothing donation in our small clothing bank. In the process, she found a shirt to fit one of our morning regulars. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to this man it was. He was very grateful. The day before, Shawn had asked him if he wanted to take a shower, but he declined because he didn’t have a clean change of clothes to wear.

John was here working in his role as Co-Executive Director, but spent at least as much time acting as Health Minister (he’s officially only the Health Minister on Monday mornings and by appointment). Several of the people John has been assisting stopped in Welcometo follow up with him about their health conditions. Many people have blood pressure issues, so they ask John to monitor their blood pressure every day that he is here.

There was also a man who had come to Patchwork on Monday and reported symptoms and a health history that John knew could and should be treated immediately with a simple prescription. The man is homeless, doesn’t have an ID, and doesn’t have any kind
of health insurance. The man had already called multiple health care providers in order to get an appointment and be treated, but none would help him. John called the same providers and got the same answer.

Yesterday, John tried one clinic again. He told the nurse practitioner about the situation: John’s health assessment of the man, the medical condition that John suspected but could not officially diagnose, the fact that no other clinic would see the man, and John’s assurances that it shouldn’t take long for the nurse practitioner to see the man, do her own assessment, and issue a prescription.

Only with John’s advocacy did the nurse practitioner agree to squeeze an appointment into her schedule that afternoon. John drove the man to his appointment, the man’s health needs were met, and the nurse practitioner agreed to take him on as a new patient.

We’ll be celebrating much bigger and flashier victories next week at our Arts & Smarts Year End Celebration. The Celebration will take place from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm on P1220760Thursday, April 30.

The evening will include awards for the children, appreciation for our volunteers, photos from the year, world premiers of our animation projects, and an exhibit of the children’s artwork. Who’s invited? All of this year’s participants, their families, all of our Arts & Smarts volunteers, their families, and other friends of Patchwork!

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