2015 Arts & Smarts Year End Celebration

On Thursday, April 30, we celebrated another successful year in the Arts & Smarts program. Over 100 people filled Patchwork’s Meetinghouse to celebrate the children’s accomplishments, to thank our Arts & Smarts volunteers and staff, to reflect on the year’s successes, and to share a picnic supper. We also debuted the latest stop motion video created in the Arts & Smarts program. Here it is:

It was a wonderful celebration of a fantastic program. Below are thoughts about our after school program from a variety of people involved in it.



From a parent: “Patchwork welcomes children and sets a tone of structure, fun, and education.”

From Mandy, a tutor who is also a Signature School student: “I have had a blast helping the kids at Patchwork for the past few years. As a kid, I always had my brother to help me with my homework and I realize not every kid has that opportunity and I am glad I have P1230534b Jasminegotten to play that role that was so important in my life for other children. School and education is one of the most important things in people’s lives and getting to work with such a close-knit group of people who only want to assist in the education process and experience has been a blessing in my life.”

From Meschac, who has brought us international student volunteers all year through the International Community Service program at the University of Southern Indiana: “Everyone who comes here says they want to go back home and start their own Patchwork.”

From a parent: “Grades improved tremendously!”

From a parent: “Patchwork encourages the children, makes them feel like part of a group, and gives them a safe place to express themselves.”

From Meryem, a tutor who is also a Signature School student: “I have volunteered at Patchwork for two years. Tutoring at Patchwork is a unique experience, because helping P1230532 Ashleystudents learn is just as important as building a relationship with them and understanding their backgrounds. During this time, I have also come to realize how complex the process of teaching is and that it requires much more than simply explaining concepts. I like to think that as I helped students with schoolwork, my own teaching skills also improved.”

From a parent: “Patchwork is doing it best and has done it best with every child that I have seen come into Patchwork every evening.”

Our summer children’s activities will begin on June 1. All registration forms are available in our main office and will soon be available on our website: www.Patchwork.org. The summer schedule is:

Art Garden Week I

  • June 1-4, 9:30 am-11:45 amP1230541b
  • for children going into 2nd grade & up
  • Garden! Make art! Do storytelling! Make (and eat!) snacks!

Sculpture Week with Rob

  • June 8-11, 9:30 am-11:30 am
  • for youth ages 11 & up
  • Create sculptures with Rob Millard-Mendez, a sculpture professor at USI!

Dance Week

  • June 15-18, 9:30 am-11:30 am
  • for children going into 2nd grade & up
  • Learn creative and fun ways to move and dance
  • presented in collaboration with Children’s Center for Dance Education!

Sculpture Fun with Jane & Amy

  • July 13-16, 9:30 am-11:30 am
  • for youth ages 11 & up
  • Work on sculptures old and new with our very own Jane Vickers & Amy Rich!

Art Garden Week II

  • July 20-23, 9:30 am-11:45 am
  • for children going into 2nd grade & up
  • Round two of gardening, art, storytelling, and snacks!

Garden Feast

  • July 23, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • for EVERYONE! Come celebrate the summer with us!

Parents, guardians, and teens are welcome to attend Arts & Smarts programming with children, but they must complete the appropriate volunteer applications and background check.


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