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The Patchwork Central Blog is Moving!

Hello to everyone who has been getting updates from Patchwork Central through our blog! We’re glad you’ve found us and that you’re interested in what’s happening at Patchwork! We’re excited to say that Patchwork is launching a new and improved website and … Continue reading

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Morning Rituals

A man sits at our piano, watches Youtube videos about how to play Mozart and Beethoven, then practices playing the music. The notes are calm and fill the room. He is one of our morning regulars who comes in for … Continue reading

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Fairy Houses for our Neighbors

A wonderful thing happened last Friday in the Arts & Smarts Children’s Program. Yes, wonderful things happen all the time in the Arts & Smarts Children’s program, but this was particularly wonderful. All spring, the children have been building fairy … Continue reading

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Transportation Rolling Onward

The finished bike room is just outside my office. When people come in who need a bike, Pete takes them to look over our inventory to see if there’s something that will meet their needs. Last week I overheard a … Continue reading

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Arts & Smarts, Growing Artists and Problem Solvers

“Don’t take a picture! I’m your boss!” he said, then realized it sounded harsh coming from a kid to an adult, particularly an adult who runs the place. He adjusted and softened his statement, “I’m the artist and you’re the … Continue reading

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The Look of Integrity

Ted is a man who “looks” homeless. His hair is a little stringy and he looks like he hasn’t showered for a couple days. He talks wildly to himself. You would probably move away from him if he passed you on the … Continue reading

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Stories from the Sozo Health Ministry

John Rich continues to be busy with his work as the Health Minister. He and Mary Damm, RN, are here every Monday morning to talk with people, take blood pressures, and answer a variety of health questions. Much of the … Continue reading

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