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A Special Place in a Special Season

This week has been a wonderful reminder of why I love Patchwork. It was full of wonderful people, performances, and experiences. Everything was free and available to anyone who wanted to join in–and a very wide range of people did … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings

It is a gathering like┬ábillions of others that will take place across the globe over┬áthe next few days. The smell of a well-cooked meal fills the kitchen. Friends and family gather round: “Did you get breakfast yet?” “Make sure you … Continue reading

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Christmas Giving

Advent 2015 Dear Patchwork Friends, He is the opposite of a Christmas miracle. He is surly. He is visibly very ill. He grumbles answers to questions when asked. He is in pain. He likely will not change. John Rich sits … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for Our Bounty

We always have a lot to be thankful for at Patchwork, but lately we’ve had some special celebrations. The day before Thanksgiving, Darlene came in at the crack of dawn to bake breakfast casseroles for all of the morning’s visitors. … Continue reading

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Just Your Average Tuesday Morning at Patchwork

It’s a quiet morning at Patchwork. I happen to be working in the main office. A couple is taking showers. The man is looking for work and says he has submitted applications everywhere. He asks to charge his cell phone … Continue reading

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A Delightful Party in Frightful Weather

December 5, the freezing rain was forecast to begin late in the evening…but then again, maybe it would arrive right in the middle of our Arts & Smarts Christmas Party scheduled for that afternoon. At 2:30, Jane Vickers predicted very … Continue reading

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Lessons in Sales

“Do you have any creative nativity sets?” one Arts & Smarts participant asked another as they role-played a customer interacting with a sales person at the Art & Company booth prior to last weekend’s Patchwork Holiday Art Sale. “Yes, well … Continue reading

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