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Welcome to My Neighborhood

Many of the people who work and volunteer at Patchwork live within a one mile radius of our building. That includes 7 out of 10 staff members and key volunteers. And, even if someone at Patchwork doesn’t live in the … Continue reading

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A Gathering of Old Friends in the Patchwork Office

Patchwork’s main office is a good place to be. Someone is always there to chat or to listen. There are other people there who know how you feel. Maybe they’ve been there themselves. At any point in the day, you may … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Blessings

It’s Thanksgiving–the time to take stock of all that we’re thankful for. At Patchwork, it feels like a good time to reflect on all we’ve done in the past year of service to our neighbors and our community. We are thankful for everyone … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

We’re entering a season of reflection. A season of drawing together with friends and family. A season of thinking of more than just ourselves and finding ways to help others. A season of hoping for peace for all humanity. As … Continue reading

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Snow Day

It’s another snowy day in Evansville. Streets are slippery, many people aren’t venturing out, but our food pantry was open. That’s one of the advantages of several of us living close to Patchwork. This morning I was glad to be … Continue reading

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