About Patchwork

Our mission: Patchwork Central creates community and encourages spiritual and social growth by offering hospitality, providing opportunities for learning, fostering creativity and involvement in the arts, and working toward a more peaceful and just world.

Since its founding in 1977, Patchwork has worked to serve its neighborhood through flexible and innovative programming that matches the talents and interests of those involved to the needs of our community. Today, Patchwork serves individuals and families with:

  • an emergency food pantry (since 1982)
  • neighborhood hospitality (a cup of coffee, telephone usage, someone to listen, etc.)
  • a community garden (created in 1995)
  • low-rent facilities for other community organizations
  • an artists’ teaching studio and co-operative gallery
  • unique art/education programs (Arts & Smarts) that have been available free of charge to children and youth since 1980

In a single year, approximately 5000 people come through our doors to receive services directly from Patchwork. Many additional people attended special events, meetings, workdays, arts events, and Patchwork celebrations. Additional people visited with the other organizations that use space in our buildings. As part of the community fabric, Patchwork Central changes the lives of those it serves by giving them a sense of hope, a place of acceptance, and a bright outlook for the future.

Patchwork Central has an active Worship Community of dedicated individuals who provide support for our many programs and special events. This core group is inter-denominational and gathers for worship on Sundays at 5:15 p.m. with a common meal following, and a common meal on Thursday evenings at 6:15 p.m. Anyone is welcome to participate in these faith-based gatherings. Members have the option of signing a covenant stating what they believe and are committed to.

Additional information can be found at Patchwork’s website: www.patchwork.org.